Telling Stories: Building a Ladder to the Moon

Donna Westerling's avatar Donna Westerling

Telling stories… Building a Ladder to the Moon It came about in a gathering of old friends… childhood friends from Michigan. The story got a voice, and was told. It went something like this… It was in small town, Michigan, many years ago. It was a small country road and it was surrounded by fields as far as the eye could see. It was night- this was back when it was safe to be out at night. It was when dreams were just that- dreams. The kids were gathered, watching the night sky. The stars were like diamonds on a pillow of indigo velvet.o The Northern Lights danced through the sky. The moon shone brightly. He was smiling again. The Man in the Moon- he always smiled. This was Heaven. The kids were dreaming… dreaming of what was… what is… and what will be. Then He spoke up and said, ”I’m going to save my allowance and build a ladder to the moon.” … and they lived happily ever after. They say dreams come true. We are old now, and we have truly lived. Our story continues to unfold. We have received ordinary gifts, and extraordinary ones, too. We have felt pain and seen darkness beyond belief. We have stepped from the darkness into the sun and have found our place in the true order of things. We are among fellow travelers. My piece tells the story of that night in small town, Michigan, when life was free and living was easy. Where beauty was all around and fireflies shone in the night. Where dreams began… and the story is alive. My piece tells a story of long ago... It is a story of dreams and imagination, and how they come true. A ladder isn't always the typical ladder... It can be people, events, or the things we meet along the way, that become a ladder that gets us to where we are meant to be- one step at a time... higher and higher... to the top. A Ladder to the Moon is watercolor on satin, with fibers, thread, wire, beads, and knots... imperfection at its best. It is my story as an artist. One step has led to the next, and here I am. It is a place I never dreamed of! This piece includes vintage silk thread from Belding, Michigan, vintage metal threads, and vintage jewelry that has been handed down to me over the years. I am Donna Westerling. In real life, I am a Psychiatric nurse, Spiritual Director, wife, and "mother" to our dogs and cats. In my creative life, I am self taught. I paint, stitch, knot, snip and, from that, a story is told.

Entry Details
  • Art form: 2-D
  • Depth: approximately 2 inches.
  • Medium: Watercolor on satin, with fibers, wire, beads
  • Width: Approximately 70 inches
  • Year created: 2014
  • Height: Approximately 40 inches