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Truth or Consequences My friend wrote to me ....I actually like the simple sculpture with just the two mounted rocks, as Truth (i.e.. people's need for reality to be 'black and white') in contrast to your red granite Sculpture, Consequences (the place that all of us ultimately have to live, like Lennon's song said, 'Life is what happens to us when we are busy making other plans')---I'm sure you have many other interpretations of this piece, but could your ideas, emotions and forms perhaps be intuited even more profoundly against the stark relief of the other? CHUCK FOSTER, driven to create images from stone, a passion that seems to be born into my personality. My sculpture changes for each individual viewer depending on where it is being viewed from.

Entry Details
  • Art form: 3-D
  • Depth:
  • Medium: Granite
  • Width: 5'
  • Year created: 2012
  • Height: 8'