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56 Days: I'm Still Here

Sarah Soriano's avatar Sarah Soriano

"56 Days: I'm Still Here" includes 10 photographs, a video performance, and two hand sewn garments including a sound reactive nightgown created using the Arduino Lilypad and other electronics. "56 Days: I’m Still Here" is a documented performance where Soriano loses herself for 56 days while resisting and submitting to gender roles. The work includes large photographs (seven 24 inch x 36 inch framed photographs) that show Soriano wearing a hand sewn business suit, "The Memory Suit". The suit is juxtaposed by an intimate representation of Soriano wearing a nightgown (three 24 inch x 36 inch framed photographs). The gown, created using an Arduino Lilypad, flexinol and microphone, is effected by the intensity of sound within her home. Video documentation includes a compilation of all 56 days of the sewing process where layers of "The Memory Suit" are being hand sewn.

Entry Details
  • Art form: Installation
  • Depth: n/a
  • Medium: Interactive Garment, High Definition Single-Channel Video, Photographs, Fabric
  • Width: n/a
  • Year created: 2009
  • Height: n/a