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Cows on Canvas

Jennifer Brandon's avatar Jennifer Brandon

Geared to draw in the viewer through large, bold, expressive brushwork and brilliant color, Cows on Canvas is designed to engage the passerby and inspire smiles from all walks of life. Stand back, and see the image come together on the canvases! The stylistic approach is bold, using robust color, deliberate brushwork, and abstract shapes to express the light and shadow that collaborate with illustrative line to create a cow's portrait. Each canvas conveys a cow's portrait, full of all it's quirky personality and character. These cows are my neighbors. They greet me with hilarious moods of all sorts, and make me smile from ear to ear. These comedic characters have a way of brightening my day, and I hope my paintings of them will do the same for you! If you enjoyed my exhibit I'd appreciate your vote, and a share on Facebook! If you voted for my COWS ON CANVAS stop by my Facebook page, Jaché Studio, and let me know so I can personally THANK YOU! Cheers! -Jen Brandon

Entry Details
  • Art form: 2-D
  • Depth: 1.5
  • Medium: Oil on Canvas
  • Width: approx 4' x 4'
  • Year created: 2013
  • Height: approx 4' x 4'