Grieving Coats

Amy Larimer's avatar Amy Larimer

The emotional landscape of grief is a powerful and nuanced terrain each of us confronts in a lifetime. I felt drawn to create something physically tangible in an attempt to process the profound loss at Sandy Hook Elementary last year. Serving as both a cocoon-like structure and a room-sized cloak, each Grieving Coat is created to represent and hold the arduous cycle of pain and emotional re-growth encountered while grieving. The cocoon or nest-like objects call each mourner to fully inhabit their individual experience of grief while simultaneously understanding a communal and unifying connection. 26 coats, composed of hundreds of layers of steel wool, exist in the landscape together. Softest on the interior, where it touches the mourner's body, and coarsest on the outermost layers, the material is changed over time by both internal and external forces. As the individual begins to repair emotionally, the space begins to decompose until the coat is no longer needed and can be shed.

Entry Details
  • Art form: 3-D
  • Depth: 4'-0
  • Medium: Steel Wool
  • Width: 4'-0
  • Year created: 2013
  • Height: 5'-0