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The Wall-Eye is a 2-part 3 Dimensional mixed media display comprised of a 7ft. 3in. tall,7ft. wide and 2.5 fi deep hand painted acrylic sphere (eyeball) and diorama. The pupil of the sphere serves as the window into the world of the highly prized Walleye fish in its natural aquatic habitat. It is a combination of design, wood carving, wood burning, and hand painting techniques that bring this piece to life. Everything inside the "eye" is wood carvings including fish, weeds,and rocks. Four low voltage LED lights inside give this piece a warm glow.The eye socket is carved foam sealed and painted. The outside "wall" is rough-cut cedar hiding the steel frame on casters.

Entry Details
  • Art form: 3-D
  • Depth: 2ft
  • Medium: Mixed Medium with emphasis on wood sculpture
  • Width: 6.5ft
  • Year created: 2013
  • Height: 6ft