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The Temptation

Ramon Espantaleon's avatar Ramon Espantaleon

The Temptation. Architect and artist Ramón Espantaleón Madrid, Spain. "THE TEMPTATION" is one of my 25 art works that belongs to the art project "First Apple". It is the title under which i´m expressing my particular view of the origin of the world. To achieve this, I had used the technique of pointillism, reinterpreted and applied over the volumetric representation of the island of Manhattan, considered by many the center of modern world. Manhattan is also known as the Big Apple, fruit of discord associated with the creation of mankind through Adam and Eve. For that reason, I had choosen Michelangelo´s "Tempation and Expulsion", one of his most famous work on the Sistine chapel ceiling, and painted over Manhattan, a vigorous, dynamic, powerful, changing and chaotic city, a modern paradise. www.ramonespantaleon.com

Entry Details
  • Art form: 3-D
  • Depth: 5,51 in
  • Medium: resin
  • Width: 55.12 in
  • Year created: 2011
  • Height: 47,24 in