S2V2 spiral

Zach Mory's avatar Zach Mory

In 2010, I completed the piece S2V2 (spiral). Taken aback after reading Albert Camus’ thoughts on absurdity and hope, I wanted to create a similar visual metaphor, showing the banality of day to day moments with an absurd and redundant task (the tedious repetition of a controlled mark). It forced me to question how we value artwork as well as our lives in general. With art, people emphasize how much time is put into something, rarely questioning its validity beyond that, as if effort directly correlates to quality. By creating a piece that is comprised of sweat and labor, it challenges the viewer to find meaning beyond the effort poured into it. I wonder, is spectacle enough? Is workmanship enough? It's an absurdest take on how we create meaning for ourselves. Yet, it does seem that there is meaning in the fact that it was comprised of thousands of moments of my life. While acting as a metaphor in one sense, it's also a diary of my life, revealing nothing and everything simultaneously.

Entry Details
  • Art form: 2-D
  • Depth:
  • Medium: graphite on paper
  • Width: 105 in
  • Year created: 2010
  • Height: 105 in