Advice from an Old Sailor

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'ADVICE FROM AN OLD SAILOR' was written in the spirit of a toast. It uses sailing analogies to address the challenging weathers of life. The strength of love and its protective powers can help us to be strong against the elements. Never forget to celebrate life. Get all that you can get, because life is a full sail - drink it up! LYRICS - You will find all kinds of weather on your voyage of life, Prepare for November and tie those lines down tight, Push will come to shove, find someone to love; To steer you clear from all you fear so you can bask in the sunlight, And hear those steel drums and have some fun, And listen ‘til you can’t get enough. Life’s a full sail, Drink it up! Your life is like an ocean and the waves our like your days. Slapping on the shoreline, Don’t let the good ones get away. Venture out of that safe harbor, Let the tradewinds fill your sail. So much to discover, Mark your own trail. And if the sea should engulf you And your . . .

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  • Art form: Performance
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  • Medium: Music
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  • Year created: 2011
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