Fruit of the Mind and Work of Human Hands

Cassie Jo Krause Atallah's avatar Cassie Jo Krause Atallah

Fruit of the Mind and Work of Human Hands is an optimistic view of the job market and a tribute to all of the people who work hard every day. The work is a series of 12 wooden frames. From a distance, it appears as a rainbow of colors. A closer view focuses on the hands emerging from the frames; each is making a gesture representing a type of career. At the closest distance, every frame is decorated with designs and symbols which are associated with that specific career field. I chose the title as a commentary on how our jobs (past, present, and future) become parts of our identities and affect our lives in ways both subtle and profound. As a teacher, I hope that my students will have the opportunity to work in careers that they truly enjoy. As a friend and family member, I am constantly in awe of the variety of things that the people in my life do on a daily basis. I appreciate people whose work has a positive effect on their communities. This project is a tribute to all of you.

Entry Details
  • Art form: 3-D
  • Depth: 1'
  • Medium: Cast Plastic, Wood Frames, & Mixed Media
  • Width: 13'
  • Year created: 2012
  • Height: 2'