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The Lake

Fraser Smith's avatar Fraser Smith

This is my latest piece, "The Lake". It's my 47th quilt. It's carved from a block of basswood, 5 ft. wide, 3 1/2 ft. high, and 4 inches thick. It's then sanded so it resembles cotton cloth, and stained with silk dyes. I like the idea of "surface tension" in nature. It makes things pull together, and leaves voids where they haven't. There is something whimsical, and beautiful about that. I think all my work is mostly about "context". The viewer sees an object that seems slightly out of place. "Why is this quilt hanging here, and it's folded over a rope?" With traditional trompe l'oeil you can tell pretty quickly that someone's fooling you. With this work, it takes a bit longer, since it's conceivable that it could actually be a cloth quilt hung in a slightly odd manner.

Entry Details
  • Art form: 3-D
  • Depth: 4 inches
  • Medium: Carved Wood, with silk dye
  • Width: 60 inches
  • Year created: 2012
  • Height: 43 inches