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The Fed Galleries @ KCAD, Kendall College of Art and Design

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Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University (KCAD) has always been indelibly woven into the fabric of Grand Rapids. Born out of the bold, visionary spirit of those who built the city’s furniture industry, KCAD has continued its leadership in art and design education into the 21st century, and remains deeply committed to the facilitation of sustainable, innovative growth in West Michigan and beyond. Over the years we've hosting award winning artists in the Juried "3D", "2D", "Time-Based", "Outstanding Venue" and "Grand Juried" awards.

Visitor Amenities
  • Free Public Restrooms: Yes
  • Free Public Parking: No
  • Physically Accessible: Yes

2017 Entries hosted at this Venue

Entry Photo

Minimalist Mania + Brilliant does artprize +screenshots

jonathan brilliant
  • Time-Based
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