Van Andel Arena

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Van Andel Arena® — the Must Play Destination of Michigan's second largest and fastest-growing market — has thrust Grand Rapids into the forefront of the entertainment industry. The 12,000 plus capacity Van Andel Arena is managed by SMG, the leading private management company for public assembly facilities worldwide. The Arena was named in recognition of the largest benefactor, Jay and Betty Van Andel. Van Andel Arena offers the perfect combination of cosmopolitan flair and midwestern hospitality to make any event a success. Since marking its Grand Entrance on October 8, 1996, Van Andel Arena has attracted the biggest names in family shows, concerts and sporting events.

Visitor Amenities
  • Free public bathrooms: No
  • Free public parking: No
  • Physically accessible: Yes

2016 Entries hosted at this Venue

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Egg Prize

Egg Prize
  • Time-Based
  • Vote Code: 62910
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Jed Freels
  • Three-Dimensional
  • Vote Code: 63336
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Moments on Monroe

Patrick Hershberger
  • Three-Dimensional
  • Vote Code: 63710
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