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Weston Bye

Grand Blanc, MI, United States

I was born in 1950, in the industrial city of Flint Michigan, and have been a lifelong resident of the surrounding area. I have always been intrigued by mechanical and electrical devices and early on began drawing linkages and gear trains, imagining what I might build someday. In school, I was an indifferent student, preferring to daydream and imagine, or draw mechanisms, objects or electronic circuits while in the classes that did not interest me. I did, however, excel in the industrial and fine arts classes. While still in school, I recognized the useful nature of electromechanical devices, and began teaching myself electronics. Enlisting in the U.S. Navy, I graduated with commendations from the Navy Avionics “A” School, the extent of my formal education. I was assigned to maintain and repair an aging airborne inertial navigation and radar system, a blend of early electrical and electronic computer circuits, mechanical linkages, gears and devices that further fueled my imagination. After my Navy service, a succession of technical and engineering jobs dealing with electronic and electromechanical devices added to my experience and understanding, and eventually led me to learn the machining arts in order to create the mechanisms that I previously could only imagine. Along the way, I continued to draw, paint and create, but also began to write, and after submitting a few articles about electromechanical devices of my own creation to The Home Shop Machinist and Digital Machinist magazines, I was invited to write a regular column, The Mechatronist, and am now a Contributing Editor to Digital Machinist magazine, with fifty how-to articles in print. Many of these articles have been compiled into the book, The Electromechanical Arts of Weston Bye.

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    The Communication of Time

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  • Weston's past work