Branches Unbound

2011 ArtPrize Entry

Branches Unbound is an indoor three dimensional sculpture that continues to explore ideas that consider the associations between the tree of life, defined here as the patterns of relationships that link all earth's species and the tree of knowledge, defined here as the connected branches of human thought realized in the form of writing and speaking. I will be creating an environment, made from thousands of pages of Encyclopaedia Britannica, that references a grove where viewers can walk around the not quite natural branches that are self supported and anchored to the wall. The relationship of the branches to the space and to each other will suggest an alternative forest of knowledge where the viewer can explore dimension and perspective through the physical experience of the piece, adjusting the points of reference physically and figuratively.

Entry Details
  • Art form: 3-D
  • Depth: 22
  • Medium: encyclopaedia pages and stainless steel
  • Width: 30
  • Year created: 2011
  • Height: 11

Venue & Connection Information

Venue Considerations
  • Special Lighting needed: No
  • Internet needed: No
  • Indoor Space needed: No
  • Outdoor Space needed: No
  • Audio/Video needed: No
  • Electrical needed: No

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