Imagination > Knowledge

William Odykirk's avatar William Odykirk

Imagination > Knowledge My performance art props, are to be interacted with by the audience as conceptual projection screens, wire frame wedges, 100'' high 50'' wide 1'' deep at the top and 25'' wide 10'' deep at the bottom. Unique QR codes with embedded pictographs, and written language, will be printed on transparencies, these images are to be held between the eye and screen. The tacit implication is that holding knowledge in your hand-mind is the beginning of a process that requires one to project their imagination on to the structures that exist around us, in our world, to evolve, adapt, transform, improve, create, Live. Prop projection screens are metaphoric portal gates, and the pictographs are keys that open up the imagination and inform. Set of five, are based on size; atoms, molecules, organisms, sea/land scape, and planets.

Entry Details
  • Art form: Performance
  • Depth: 8
  • Medium: Plywood, Paint, PVC,PEX,EMT, Clothesline, String, Wire, Bamboo
  • Width: 80
  • Year created: 0
  • Height: 12