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Vi Burgenmeyer

Holland, MI, United States

Please allow me to introduce myself: I am an 83 year old woman, wife, mother, grandma and great grandma with hands that are never idle! I have always been engaged in projects and have something I'm working on all the time, whether it be stained glass angels, knitted prayer shawls, chemo hats, preemie baby hats et. For the last 10 years it has been pine needle basket weaving. When my husband and I retired we did some traveling and then settled in Lillian, Alabama which is near Gulf Shores, living there for about 13 years. I noticed one of my neighbors was doing pine needle basket weaving and I immediately knew that would be my latest effort. My husband (bless his heart) supported me in this venture and many times would join me in crawling around on hands and knees under a pine tree picking up, sorting and bundling long pine needles. Four years ago our son passed away unexpectedly and we immediately decided to move back to Michigan to be with our family, a decision we have NEVER regretted. We brought back with us a huge plastic tub of my precious pine needles which I am still using today. I have since created a room full of all different shapes, sizes and colors of baskets using pine needles, different colored raffia and upholstery thread along with black walnut slices that my husband has prepared for me. I have been encouraged by family and friends to sell these creations but to date have not attempted to sell even one of my baskets but instead giving them to share with special friends and family. This continued weaving I consider therapy for both my husband and me during a very traumatic time. When my needles are finally used up I guess we'll just have to take a special trip back to Lillian to replenish my supply as I hope to continue this weaving as long as I am physically and mentally able.

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