Photo of Tim Nielsen

Tim Nielsen

Grand Rapids, MI, United States

I have been taking photographs since 1964 when my parents bought me a simple camera. Over the years I've enjoyed learning about cameras, photography, darkroom work, and image editing software. Landscapes and nature photography, buildings and their eventual decay, and doorways are some of my favorite subjects. I teach Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, and photography part-time at Kendall College of Art and Design and enjoy the interaction with other photographers that this experience gives me. One of the things I like best about photography is that no matter where you are, no matter what the weather is like, no matter what time of day . . . you can always find an image just waiting to be captured.

Tim's ArtPrize Entries

These are Tim's official ArtPrize entries from this year and past years.

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    New Topographics Revisited

    2013 ArtPrize Entry Tim Nielsen
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