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Terry-Ann Foster

Jamaica, NY, United States

One day, quite inexplicably, images, poems and various ideas streamed in to me. My subsequent pursuit of art is a full embrace of this initial impulse. The themes that run throughout my work are observations on Nature, Human Psychology and Literature. My works take the form of paintings, prints, sculpture, assemblage, poetry and designing. Each medium allows me to articulate various nuances around the themes. This art-making has stimulated a heightened awareness. I have approached it as an experiment- “What happens if one executes all the good in his imagination?” It has also brought me to the meeting of myself- virtues such as having faith, trusting myself, leaning into instinct and the core of what it means to be a human being. Being present, still and open, having courage in spite of great resistance and the ability to emerge with an unbroken spirit, that is yet gentler, stronger and wiser.

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    2017 ArtPrize Entry Terry-Ann Foster
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