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Sher Argo

Hastings, MI, United States

I’m Sher Argo – free-lance artist and owner of Sargo’s Studio in Hastings, MI.  I have worked as a commissioned artist since 1978, when my father hosted my first showing and art sale in our home; then in 2005, I opened Sargo’s to serve as a studio, gallery, and classroom. I was born in Washington State and raised in beautiful Fairbanks, Alaska, where Creation is awe-inspiring (especially to a young artist). By the time I was ready to enroll in middle school, my mind was set on pursuing auto mechanics, but my path was “course-corrected”!  The auto mechanics course was full…and I was “stuck” in art class. This huge disappointment proved pivotal in my life and career…  Even as young as 12, I already had some pretty firm ideas about art, but my new teacher was determined to broaden my horizons!  She saw potential in a stubborn 7th grader and insisted I give real effort to stretching myself and exploring all available mediums.  I will always be grateful to her…she taught me not to limit myself. My father was also a great encourager and motivator. He turned our small kitchen into my first “art studio”, converting a wall with black plastic, then spreading out canvas for me to fill with the ideas that “danced in my head”.   When I had finished several pieces, Dad hosted a first class art showing and sale in our home.  He advertised the event locally and served wine and cheese to all who attended.  After that first showing, I exhibited my work at local businesses in and around Fairbanks.  As a young adult, I relocated to sunny Arizona. This exciting change in scenery and pace literally gave me a whole new view of Creation and life! I soon began showing my new work at a Country Club in nearby Palm Springs CA. For the past 20 years, my family and I have resided in southwest Michigan - the “Land o’ Lakes” - and of new inspiration!  I have continued to build a solid client base and by God’s grace grow Sargo’s through word of mouth and recommendations of pleased customers. My work has appeared in shows at the National Bank and at doctor’s offices in the Hastings area and is collected by clients from all walks of life, as well as businesses; philanthropic organizations; artists; and students. I work with all mediums, techniques and widely diverse subject matter.   I love nothing more than challenging myself and expanding outside my box.   “Can’t” is simply not in my vocabulary!

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  • Photo of A Mama through a child's eye

    A Mama through a child's eye

    2016 ArtPrize Entry Sher Argo
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  • Sher's past work
  • Sher's past work
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