Photo of Shawn Lefevre

Shawn Lefevre

Kalamazoo, MI, United States

I am an artist of inquiry. I use found object and mixed media to create poetic metaphors through sculpture that comment on the human condition. I am interested in the limitations of materials and investigating their attributes. So often as artists we are asked to carefully plan and sketch out our works, confined to a frame or pedestal. However, I produce the most significant work when I set the original intention aside. I find it’s full potential by re-working, and understanding the boundaries of the given material and not presupposing the end result.

Shawn's ArtPrize Entries

These are Shawn's official ArtPrize entries from this year and past years.

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    The Others Will Follow

    2012 ArtPrize Entry Shawn Lefevre
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