Photo of Rick Beerhorst

Rick Beerhorst

Grand Rapids, MI

Rick Beerhorst is the Patriarch of the Beerhorst Family. Both he and his artist wife Brenda Beerhorst have been full time working artists for many years. Working together with their six children and artist friends the first year of Art Prize '09 ended up in the top 50 with their Art Prize entry The Wonder Wagon. In 2010 they created Plan B, a "Post Peak Everything" eco village on the bank of the Grand River that posed the question, "what will our future look like when we run to the end of cheap fossil fuel" ? Plan B won the Best Use of Urban Space Award from new urbanist expert Jeff Speck. This year Rick has created the largest painting of his 30+year career for the installation City As Muse which is being hosted by UICA. Along with the painting is a display case which exhibits bits and pieces from his artistic process along with an interactive postcard and short 6 minute film that documents the entire process of making the painting. Beerhorst is a narrative figure painter who has his work in collections around the world. This years offering will be a brand new piece that has been the result of a long a fruitful Winter and cold Spring of keeping regular studio hours.

Rick's ArtPrize Entries

These are Rick's official ArtPrize entries from this year and past years.

  • Photo of City As Muse

    City As Muse

    2014 ArtPrize Entry Rick Beerhorst
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  • Photo of Rick Beerhorst Painting

    Rick Beerhorst Painting

    2013 ArtPrize Entry Rick Beerhorst
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  • Photo of perspective lifters

    perspective lifters

    2012 ArtPrize Entry Perspective Lifters
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  • Photo of double rose portrait

    double rose portrait

    2011 ArtPrize Entry Rick Beerhorst
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