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Rachel Byerly

Jupiter, FL, United States

I am a first time entrant and thrilled to be a part of ArtPrize 2017! I love saturated colors, gradients, and creating strong messages. After being rejected by a middle school for the arts, specializing in drawing, I honed my energy to fine tune my eye and artistic abilities at 11 to prove that I could draw! I'm so happy I didn't quit! I started to watch the world in which I lived more acutely and observed shapes and colors, practicing animals and drawing out my dreams mostly. My art skills progressed as I grew older though I never was taught technique or "tricks". I just drew what felt and looked right. In college I had the opportunity to take 3 art classes, my firsts and only classes to date. Now, at age 25, living in Florida, I continue to create pieces using different varieties of mediums; painting, oil and acrylic; drawing, using charcoal, pencils (colored and graphite), and oil pastels; ink pens and fountain pens, as well as collages, as depicted in my entry. Each piece is a part of my heart and thus far, I have made them for myself, as gifts for my family, and for my friends enjoyment. Art is an interpersonal connection from heart to heart and it is consistent and brings people together, yet individuals perspectives on a piece are never the same from person to person. One day I would love to create pieces for others, on request, that inspire them and resonate deeply as much as my own creations inspire and resonate with me.

Rachel's ArtPrize Entries

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    Natural Unity

    2017 ArtPrize Entry Rachel Byerly
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