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Pierre Charette

Montreal, QC, Canada

My name is Pierre Charette and I am from Montreal, Canada. The year 1996 was when I decided to satisfy my thirst to create… or rather to draw from the universe the inspiration that already exists to make it real trough my art. My first passion was for oil painting which I practised for 15 years. It brought me great joy to create with colours and textures to convey emotions. I had done several exhibits during that period. My desire to dig deeper into my artistic approach has guided me towards sculpture. I was a revelation for me! Adding a third dimension to my artistic research opens the door to infinite possibilities in terms of creation. To explore and create pieces that will touch the heart of people brings me great satisfaction. In the summer of 2014, I spent time in Florence, Italy at the Florence Academy of Art to refine my technique and stimulate my creativity further. I find it important to always challenge ourselves as artists. I now create my pieces with clay, then build adequate molds with a classical technique and form the final result by pouring plaster and sometimes resins. But my favorite end product is a piece poured in bronze which I find is the most noble of materials. My website:

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