Photo of Peter Brandes

Peter Brandes

Holland, MI, United States

Born 5 March 1944 in Assens, Denmark, Brandes is a Danish painter, sculptor, ceramic artist and photographer. Brandes' art follows the tradition of abstract expressionism founded by Kirchner, Nolde and Kollwiz. He had his breakthrough as artist in the beginning of the 1980s. He has accepted commissions at Roskilde Domkirke and mosaic (colored glass) windows in a church at Nordkap and the Village of Hope, in south of Los Angeles. Brandes is known for his modern perspective on themes including Norse and Greek mythology and Christian tradition. He pushes the boundaries by taking a fresh look at old stories and sacred themes. He is the revered artist to the Queen Margrethe II of Denmark and commissioned artist for the Roskilde Cathedral. The cathedral has been the main burial site for the Danish Monarchy since the 15th century and is inscribed on the UNESCO world heritage list. Brandes is self-taught and his art circles around themes from ancient Greek mythology and Christianity. A great part of Brandes' ceramic works are inspired by ancient Greek art and mythology. He has illustrated a number of books, including Homer’s Iliad.

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    Cornerstone Windows

    2015 ArtPrize Entry Peter Brandes
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