Palatte Coffee & Art

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We believe in coffee. We believe in art. We believe these are simple tools that empower people, a community. As you step into our cozy space, you'll be greeted with art all around and the soothing aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Our friendly and knowledgeable baristas pull together our vision of a neighborhood coffee shop with a creative and artsy atmosphere, but always approachable and down-to-earth. Whether you come here for your morning coffee, a leisurely lunch, or to decompress after a long day, we want you to treat PaLatte Coffee & Art as your home away from home. We're committed to ensuring the highest quality and taste possible is brought to you, and we'll try our darndest to serve you!

Visitor Amenities
  • Free public bathrooms: No
  • Free public parking: No
  • Handicap accessible: Yes

Artist & Connection Information

Because we are also an art gallery, we have plenty of wall space, excellent for bigger size art paintings as well as smaller ones. We will try to exhibit as many artists/paintings as we can, always striving to find the finest artists and art pieces. We are located across the street from St. Cecilia Music Center and the Children's Museum, on Fulton St. (between Division Ave. and Jefferson St.). In the Heartside District. Always having a lot of traffic of visitors during ArtPrize.

2016 Entries hosted at this Venue

Entry Photo

Painting in Place

Todd Williamson
  • Two-Dimensional
  • Vote Code: 62623
More Details
Entry Photo

Soaring Splendor

Deborah Cholewicki
  • Three-Dimensional
  • Vote Code: 63135
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Entry Photo


Jeannette MacDougall
  • Two-Dimensional
  • Vote Code: 63201
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Entry Photo

Daggett Hotel

Meegan Flannery
  • Two-Dimensional
  • Vote Code: 63212
More Details
Entry Photo

The Faces of John Singer Sargent

Thomas Jordan
  • Two-Dimensional
  • Vote Code: 63334
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Entry Photo

chatting with strangers

Christy DeHoog Johnson
  • Two-Dimensional
  • Vote Code: 63477
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Entry Photo

Love Needs Its Martyrs

Randal Stringer
  • Two-Dimensional
  • Vote Code: 63549
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