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Oleksandra Petrovska

Odessa, Odessa, Ukraine

My name is Oleksandra Petrovska. Agni Kama is my nom de plume. I was born September 19, 1981 in Odessa, Ukraine. This is beautiful town located on the northwestern shore of the Black Sea. When I was a child I loved draw everywhere. I studied 5 years at Art School K.K. Kostandy, Ukraine, Odessa and 5 years at Art College M.B. Grekova, Ukraine, Odessa. Now I’m 35 years old. I’m professional Artist & Designer with a Bachelor of Arts. I have 20 years experience in art, design and web design. I love to work on a different my own projects and projects for clients. I love photography and write poems. I’m interested in everything related to art, life and spirituality. I have deep respect for a traditions different cultures. I believe in God, kindness and Peaceful World.

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