Monroe Community Church

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MCC is an emerging Christian faith community whose mission is “Connecting our downtown community with our life-changing God.” As image-bearers of the Creator, we seek to honor God through celebrating the creative talents of our members, friends, and the community. We embrace and encourage the arts through various community events and activities. Each year for ArtPrize, we conduct a 4-week series of worship services based upon themes generated by some of the art that we host. For the last 3 years we have been a voter registration site. We typically have an opening reception, an open-mic artist night, a kids' art day, and can host special receptions for a small fee. We typically host many K-12 school class trips at our venue, and our exhibits are appropriate for children. We are Barrier-Free, have a drinking fountain, restrooms, and a nursing space available, and offer packaged snacks for donation.

Visitor Amenities
  • Free public bathrooms: Yes
  • Free public parking: Yes
  • Handicap accessible: Yes

Artist & Connection Information

Monroe Community Church (MCC) meets in a flexible, renovated warehouse in the heart of Monroe North, home to parks, restaurants, offices, and condos. Our space for ArtPrize is a 62’ x 64’ multi-use assembly space that includes a platform, A/V, and a hospitality kitchen. The space has painted block and brick walls. It has a lot of raw character and an 18’ high exposed ceiling. This rugged space tolerates custom display and lighting. Worship seating will be reconfigurable depending upon the art we host. In 2012, our ArtPrize efforts were featured in Christianity Today magazine's "This is Our City" series for engaging urban culture. In 2011, 10 of the top 25 artists in Monroe North/Belknap were in our venue. In 2010, picked a piece shown at MCC as one of its five “hidden gems.” San Diego artist Mark Dahle encourages people to check out MCC in “Tips for Visiting Artprize 2011,” saying, “In 2010, it was the best-curated small space." Voter registration site 2012-2014. Join us!

2015 Entries hosted at this Venue

Entry Photo

Something Old Something New

Lisa Williamson
  • Installation
  • Vote Code: 61257
More Details
Entry Photo

Digital Faith

Robert deJonge
  • Two-Dimensional
  • Vote Code: 62414
More Details
Entry Photo

The Word Made Flesh

Matt Pascucci
  • Two-Dimensional
  • Vote Code: 61351
More Details
Entry Photo

New Beginnings

Steve Podbregar
  • Two-Dimensional
  • Vote Code: 61934
More Details
Entry Photo

Jupiter girl

Erik Brittain
  • Three-Dimensional
  • Vote Code: 62341
More Details
Entry Photo


Estella Fransbergen
  • Three-Dimensional
  • Vote Code: 61478
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Entry Photo

Presence in Stillness

Maria Joy Lemon
  • Two-Dimensional
  • Vote Code: 62371
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