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MaryJo Ramsey-Smith

Battle Creek, MI, United States

I traveled all of my childhood. Every year, God told my Dad to move. I found safety in books and learned to live in the worlds of the imagination. I loved mythology. I did not realize until much later that my religion was also a mythology. I discovered that I could sing coloratura arias. I soared. Instead of drugs, I did opera: Susanna. Maria. Adina. Fiona. Luisa. I directed plays. I wrote plays. I made my own company: Divine Opera. I ran away to New Mexico and found my Holy Land. When I sang to the land, I felt its response. I lived in O’Keeffe country, as close to heaven on earth as I could imagine. I sang a medieval Mary the Mother in the glorious Cathedral in Santa Fe. Sacred space sang back to me. Here in Michigan, I continue to create my own beauty. Finally, I made a CD. I sang Scottish and Irish concerts. I finished my play, A Terrible Beauty, about William Butler Yeats. And with my husband, Gary Alan Smith, I have I made my beautiful film, Soul Tenders.

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    Soul Tenders

    2012 ArtPrize Entry MaryJo Ramsey-Smith
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