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Louise Traficanti

Lincolnshire, IL, United States

I am a graduate of NCAD, Ireland 1991. I am married and have 2 children. Currently I am working full time as a Creative Director for a Textile company. Since I was little I always loved textiles, sewing, knitting, embroidery, crochet....all these crafts fascinated me and still do: my Mom and Grandmother both loved sewing and needlework so I think part of this is genetics, textiles are in my bloodstream. I will never tire of looking at fabric. I love color, composition and texture. Inspired by seeing the creative journey of Windy Chien on instagram where she made one knot every day for an entire year I decided to follow suit and explore one creative medium for an entire year. I chose embroidery. I had no plan or pattern, my goal was to focus on embroidery and learn as much as I could and to explore and exploit it as a medium. I committed to doing it every single day and posted my stitches instagram (@louisetraf). I did this while traveling all over the world for work, I did it while working full time, while watching tv with my family. It became a part of my life, my zen time where I just relaxed. Sometimes the stitches did not work and sometimes I had to repeat them, then there were times where it clicked. I used a limited color of threads and in panel 2 used metallic thread and panel three became all about beading. I had to repeat the stitch until I felt like I had mastered it and you could see the pattern and the potential of that one stitch. I had no idea as to what my end game was with this project: but I wanted this project to have an audience, for kids to see that sewing can be an art form: to see that textiles are beautiful. Hopefully people will be inspired just as I was by Windy. Through Instagram I have connected with embroiderers all over the world and this journey has been an epic experience for me with Art Prize the culmination of miles of threads. I am proud of what I have accomplished in this year with this medium and I am excited to see what I will move onto next.

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