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Jackson, MI, United States

Hello, and greetings to all. I appreciate your interest in my work and in who I am. My name is Kyle Orr and I'm originally from Eaton Rapids Michigan where I was born and raised for about 25 years. I come from a large family totalling 7 brothers and sister. Their names are Ken, Kevin, Kirk, Kraig, Kristie, Me, and Kandice. My mother's name is Sandy and my late father's name was Ward. I have lived in Lansing, Grand Ledge and I am currently residing in Jackson at this time. I am married to my wife Kristina and we have a 6 year old son named Uriah. As I was growing up, I had always felt a little out of place in my family because I was the youngest boy, born between between my younger sister Kandice and my older sister Kristie. all of my older brothers were almost moved out by the time I was in high school. In school, I had some very difficult learning disabilities. I was highly dyslexic and i struggled with spelling reading and english. I never really understood who I was because the way I processed information about myself and others was always a bit different, or even a little odd compared to the typical common cultural mindset. I'm an artist, but I've struggled to identify with that until just a few years ago. Art, to me was something that I could do, but in the recent past, my perspective on that idea has drastically changed in me. Art to me wasn't something that I can do and it wasn't something that I had to learn, Art was and is, who I am. I don't "do" art, I'm an artist, i was born that way. I just do what has always come very natural and organic to me. I've been labeled as an artist these days and I must confess, I don't mind the label at all. As a matter of fact It has helped me feel more true to myself than anything else I've identify with. However, a label should never fully define who someone is, a label, when used in good conscience, should be used as a tool to help people build relationships and create commonalities with each other. Art started very early for me. I've been drawing and making all kinds of things sense I was a child. I often lost track of time and would get completely consumed with what ever it was that I was creating at the times. Not really understanding that I was an artist, sometimes made me a difficult person to understand and be around. When I was younger, my creativity and lack of response brought difficulties in many of my relationships. I started drawing and sketching in my childhood years but as I got older, I realized I hadn't been working in my strongest gifts yet. It's been a long road of personal reflection and discovery for me before I had really started to understand and Identify with my inner-self. Deep in our soul is really where we discover who we are and what we are gifted to do. I believe that many many people are wondering around, lost and purposeless because they have not been loved and nurtured in a way for them to understand in their own soul, who they really are. In my journey of producing art, I have realized that I've begun to purge myself from all of my inner-demons, as I transpose them in to my work. It's as if the creations themselves take on their own life and others can witness and identify with what has been captured within the sculptures I create. Somehow, they can identify with the pain and the art has a tendency to begin to purge them from their inner-demons as well. I have been given a gift, to help people see what they couldn't see on their own. I feel as if I have given them a way to release their own emotional problems in to the art that they are observing. It becomes almost a type of cleansing of the soul. What really goes on inside of each person, is a mystery to me, but yet I am totally ok with what ever they feel. The art begins to take on a life of its own, as it reaches out to them in very uncommon ways. Some of us are very hard to reach because of the tragedies of life experiences. I have yet to even begin creating my most interesting masterpieces, and yet I am humbled every day when I get blessed to work inside of my very own dreamworld. I'm not yet in my fullest maturity as an "artist", because what I carry inside of me is so much greater that I can comprehend. It's as if every day that I mature in who I am, I am given another large portion of new creativity to explore and give away. From now until the end of my life, I can only hope to keep touching the source of truth and light that brings me in to a world where my best work will be born. I know where my source of power, truth, light and being comes from, and I am not afraid to reach deeper toward Him for my answers. Without Him, I become powerless, frail and without a true life of living out my dreams. Thank you all for your interests, I hope you enjoyed my thoughts. My regards, Kyle.

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