Isaiah 45 10


96 painted cedar tiles form a mosaic of love, suspended from a wooden cross piece nailed to a steel "Shin". 3 12" nails connect "Creation" to the 9' tall "Shin", a Jewish symbol of Yahweh, "God creator". From afar you see only a picture of Love, but come closer to see more! One side is colorful, the other dark--God told Moses "I set before you life and death, choose LIFE!!!". The cedar tiles are scrap wood, with defects. Holes on the colorful side have pictures of people, kids who have been adopted. The ancient scripture Isaiah 45:10 was chosen for the title as Mrs. Witte told her students over the years, "can the pot tell the potter what to make?" I, Patrick, was mesmerized by the probability statistics of the "miracle game" when Tim Tebow's first NFL playoff game Jan 8, '12, a miraculous win in OT with amazing stats. Goto youtube The next game was a major loss 45 to 10, then I found ISAIAH 45:10, we recommend reading it!

Entry Details
  • Art form: 3-D
  • Depth: 4 ft
  • Medium: Wood and metal
  • Width: 10 ft
  • Year created: 2012
  • Height: 10 ft