Photo of Katie Nguyen Huber

Katie Nguyen Huber

Grand Rapids, MI, United States

As an Event Planner, I have always been fascinated and inspired by flowers. I've been in the event industry for 9 years as a planner and coordinator, but have been convinced that some days, I'm more of artist than a planner. In 2015, I started my journey into becoming a professional florist, and since then, have been flowering my way through the country—from Michigan, to Utah, to Las Vegas and Seattle, creating small event pieces to large scale installations. The stages of decomposition of florals is something that people don't see, as most pitch their dying flowers in the garbage. However, it that can be a beautiful work of art. This is my first entry with ArtPrize and I'm excited to share the beauty of (dead) flowers with the world.

Katie Nguyen's ArtPrize Entries

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  • Photo of Decomposition


    2017 ArtPrize Entry Fleurology + Kenley
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