Photo of Jonathan Burlingame

Jonathan Burlingame

Grandville, MI, United States

Though Jonathan demonstrates some level of receptive language, he remains unable to express himself with words. He has touched the lives of those who have known him, brought encouragement to many, and has given some reason to "pause" and consider what it must be like to be Jonathan. His passion and perseveration with art is a tangible means of expression for him. Sometimes working obsessively and at other times with apparent joy, at times with intense deliberation and at other times hurried, Jonathan typically appears to be consumed and driven with great intentionality. Listed as "for sale," Jonathan's complete entry is available for the highest bid of donation to David's House Ministry, where he lives and receives lifelong needed supports and care. Copies of any single print are available for any donation. David's House Ministries in Wyoming, MI, provides homes in a Christian setting for adults with disabilities. For donation information, please contact 616-481-3848

Jonathan's ArtPrize Entries

These are Jonathan's official ArtPrize entries from this year and past years.

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    Innovations from Autism

    2015 ArtPrize Entry Jonathan Burlingame
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