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As an artist and lover of sports and history I have always endeared myself to creating a moment frozen in action. Trained as a Illustrator I have always had a sense of portraying things in a realistic manner. My enthusiasm for sports has always been a fact in my life from coaching it to participating in it - I can never seem to get enough. I have always looked to sports for heroes which is not always the best thing to do and have been disappointed many times, by my so-called heroes actions. The ones I do still have I base on their conduct on the field of play- they never celebrated overtly or drew attention to themselves.They inspired others respectfully! This is the way I coach and this is what I instill in my players and my own children! My wife does not always share the enthusiasm I have for these sports but she does know that it's a part of my life and she lovingly supports me, and sometimes redirects me; - which has given me the inspiration to return to drawing

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