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Jenna Barosko

Garden, MI, United States

I am a third generation chainsaw carver. I am a full time mother, part time carver 😊. We live a simple life and enjoy raising vegetables, flowers, and many kinds of berries in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Carving has become an amazing thing for me - more than sustaining us financially, providing a mental 'release', and emotional satisfaction, it provides me with physical therapy in ways that nothing else can. It helps me fight my connective tissue disease (I dislocated easily, among other things) by building muscle, which helps keep me 'together' (literally). Although I've run a chainsaw for firewood since I was very young, I only started carving recently. After some very difficult periods in my life and escaping domestic violence, I was determined find a way to provide for my children while being able to stay home with them. Chainsaw carving has done that for me, for us. It is a true Gift.

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    American Eagle

    2017 ArtPrize Entry Jenna Barosko
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