Grand Valley State University

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Grand Valley State University has a long tradition of supporting the arts. The university’s permanent collection now numbers over 13,000 works of art, collected in support of its educational mission. The majority of these works are displayed throughout the university’s grounds and facilities to promote diversity and cultural understanding. The collection has also been established to enrich the lives of students, faculty, staff and the community. The collection features works in a wide range of media by faculty, students and GVSU alumni. Additionally, many of Michigan’s finest visual artists and numerous works by renowned national and international artists works are included in the collection. The collection can be viewed on-line at and "Art at GVSU" is available in the iTunes App store and in the Google Play Store with a gaming element added to the Art at GVSU mobile application.

Visitor Amenities
  • Free public bathrooms: No
  • Free public parking: No
  • Handicap accessible: Yes

Artist & Connection Information

Grand Valley State University’s Robert C. Pew Grand Rapids Campus is situated along the Grand River between Pearl and Fulton Streets, and located at the west end of the historic Blue Bridge. The Blue Bridge is a heavily populated pedestrian bridge that connects the west side of Grand Rapids to Grand Rapids City Center. The metropolitan downtown campus is accessed by numerous students, visitors, faculty and staff and many conferences and events are scheduled during the ArtPrize exhibition. The beautiful grounds of L.V. Eberhard Center, Fred M Keller Engineering Lab and John C. Kennedy Hall of Engineering make this an ideal place to showcase exterior works of art by local, national and international artists.

2016 Entries hosted at this Venue

Entry Photo

Grand Valley State University Department of Art and Design/Korean Ceramics Collaboration

GVSU International Ceramics Workshop
  • Three-Dimensional
  • Vote Code: 63800
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