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Gina Wolfrum

Hicksville, OH, United States

Anticipated Aura is a brilliant depiction of water, sky and land using crushed glass, bits of mother of pearl, composition gold leaf, mica, metallic accents, and heavy textured medium. The sky is highlighted in copper and gold while the water shimmers and sparkles in shades of azure and aquamarine with crushed sea glass colors organically scattered in the foreground. As in life, the image changes as your perspective viewing the horizon shifts. As an artist, my goal is to bring a sense of beauty and awe for nature's simple treasures with unexpected elements. A deep connection to the Earth and its elements began at an early age by growing up on a farm in rural Ohio. Now living on a farm in the country brings a special appreciation for the daily wonders nature has in store for me. The sky in the morning, the mist after a summer's rain, and a love of all things flowering are just a few of my favorites. Flower gardening has become a complimentary passion for my art, you'll often find me with both paint and soil under my fingernails. Travels to beautiful destinations have also given me a sense of awe and wonder at the majesty of the world not found in the countryside. From Italy to Arizona I am inspired at every turn. As a farmer's daughter, mid-west practicality dictated a formal education in business, rather than building on the private art instruction I enjoyed as a teenager. However, corporate life just wasn't my life's passion. After 15 years in corporate banking, I left the chaos, and moved back to farm life. Since that time, I opened Elegant Finishes studio and have been a muralist and decorative artist for over 18 years. Continuing my education in studios around the country has broadened my way of viewing and interpreting color and ordinary objects. Elegant Finishes studio has been recognized in books, magazines, and television for murals and exquisite ceiling creations. My art and gardening are my attempts to add beauty to the world around me.

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    Anticipated Aura

    2017 ArtPrize Entry Gina Wolfrum
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