Every year, nearly 200 venues throughout Grand Rapids open their doors to host the world’s largest art competition

Any space within the ArtPrize® district can register as a venue and host artists’ entries—and more than 400K annual visitors—from around the world.

How to be an ArtPrize Venue

  • Register Your Venue

    If you have a space within the ArtPrize district, you’re qualified to be an ArtPrize Venue. Just sign up for an account and pay the $100 fee during Venue Registration. CLOSED for 2016.

  • Connect with Artists

    Choose which entries to host at your venue during the Connections Period. Use to find registered artists you like. If they like your space, sign a hosting agreement. CLOSED for 2016.

  • Host Your Exhibit

    Prepare your exhibit over the summer—then open your doors to the public for the 19 days of ArtPrize. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people come to venues like yours to vote for art. ArtPrize 2016 is September 21 to October 9.

Host a World-class Exhibition

Use the Space You Have

Large or small, indoors or out, any space within the ArtPrize district in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan can register as a venue. Registration costs only $100, and you'll host artists' artwork and visitors from around the world.

Curate Someone Else’s Space

Apply for the ArtPrize Fellowship for Emerging Curators. If accepted, you'll gain valuable experience working with a curator at a major ArtPrize institutional venue. You'll also curate and produce your own separate ArtPrize exhibition with guidance from the institutional curator.

$42,500 in Available Grants and Prizes

ArtPrize awards a total of $30K in grants to registered venues based on need and merit. Plus, all participating venues are eligible to win the $12.5K Juried Award for Outstanding Venue.

Design Your Own Show

Unlike any other art event of its size, each venue is independently organized. ArtPrize plays no role in selecting the artists who participate.

You'll manage the process of selecting which artists to work with through the Connections tool in your account.

Attract Hundreds of Thousands of People

Together, the individual exhibits curated by venues like yours make up the world's largest art competition. Each year, ArtPrize attracts hundreds of thousands of artists and visitors from all around the world.

Important Dates