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How a Quirky Art Prize Tied to the DeVos Family Went Political
Steve Friess - The New York Times - September 27, 2017

“A city that gives itself over to art for three weeks is something to be celebrated. People will find the pieces that speak to them. That’s pretty powerful.”

ArtPrize Awards Go to Portrait Made of Pennies and Video of a Meal
Steve Friess - The New York Times - October 6, 2017

Eyes on the ArtPrize
Micheline Maynard - The New York Times - October 7, 2009

"No matter who wins, the 17-day competition has spurred a lively debate in Grand Rapids, a city of about 200,000 with a tradition of interest in art."

How Betsy DeVos Became an Unexpected Champion of LGBTQ Art
Steve Friess - The Daily Beast - September 30, 2017

“If you want to confront culture, then ArtPrize is a venue, is a vehicle for conversation.”

Welcome To Grand Rapids, The IRL Reddit Of Art
Arthur Holland Michel - Fast Company - October 20, 2014

“In many ways, ArtPrize is like a mini functional internet brought to life. At its core, it’s a technology organization.”

ArtPrize Offers Delightful Surprises as Critics’ Picks are Revealed
Ben Davis - ArtNet News - October 1, 2015

"Lately the art world has seen a rash of art-tech startups pitching themselves as using the internet to disrupt traditional hierarchies. ArtPrize’s simple online-dating-style matchup has probably beaten them all as a game-changer, as evidenced by the massive new audiences it has produced."

 ArtPrize, Michigan's Premier Art Festival, Is As 'Terrifying and Thrilling' As Ever
Gus Turner - Complex - October 8, 2015

"Now seven years old, international arts competition ArtPrize continues to pull the art world off-axis, shifting attention away from bi-coastal cultural centers like New York and Los Angeles to instead shine the spotlight on Grand Rapids, Mich..."

Trump wanders into awkward local interview in Michigan
Rachel Maddow - MSNBC - September 30, 2016

“It’s really high stakes. It’s neat, you can be a part of it. It’s a big deal. It’s called ArtPrize — it’s the pride of Michigan this time of year.”

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ArtPrize 10 once again transformed the city of Grand Rapids into an open playing field where artists and venues will vie for a combination of Public Vote and Juried Awards totaling $500,000. See the winners.

ArtPrize will return Sept.-Oct., 2020.

ArtPrize 10 Event Details

2018 Public Vote Final 20 & Independent Awards Announcement Information
The Public Vote Final 20 Announcement, and the reveal of this year's Independent Awards winners, was made on September 30 at 1 p.m. ET on Center Stage at Rosa Parks Circle in downtown Grand Rapids. All media were welcome to attend. There was a media riser set up with a clear line of sight to the stage, and audio was available straight from the soundboard. Following the Final 20 Announcement, all media had the opportunity to speak with nominated Artists.

2018 ArtPrize Awards Information
The ArtPrize Awards took place on the evening of October 5 on Center Stage at Rosa Parks Circle. Credentialed media were invited to attend the Press Room, and were required to RSVP to and to arrive with their media badge available for review. The Press Room was set up with a live feed from the Awards Ceremony. As each of the awards was presented, the winners were brought to the media room for interviews - including Category Awards, Public Vote Grand Prize and Juried Grand Prize.

ArtPrize Studio Series Programming
Media were also invited to attend the 2018 ArtPrize Studio Series events. This weeklong "event within an event" brought art experts from across the country to the ArtPrize Studio, turning up the volume on the conversation around art and why it matters. Free and open to the public, all ArtPrize Studio Series programming took place at the ArtPrize Visitor Pavilion at Rosa Parks Circle.

ArtPrize Brand Guidelines

ArtPrize Brand Guidelines are your roadmap for using the ArtPrize trademarks and logos, as well as some basic rules on how to use the term "ArtPrize" in print, and some in-depth ways to describe what ArtPrize is as an event and organization.

You must have specific written permission to use any of our registered or unregistered trademarks. Should you have any questions about using our name, logo, or other marks, and to request permission to use registered or unregistered trademarks, please contact us at

View + download the ArtPrize 10 Brand Guidelines.