For Artists

ArtPrize® is an international art competition open to anyone over 18 years old who enters their artwork during the Artist Registration period and secures a Venue.

If you won a Public Vote or Juried Award at last year's event, you must wait one year before entering again.

Travel to Grand Rapids, MI is not required to participate, but Artists are responsible for the installation and removal of their Artwork unless specific arrangements are made with their Venue (see Hosting Agreement).

For Artwork

Eligible Artwork may:

  • Be the work of an individual artist or a team
  • Be any medium
  • Be a single piece, a series, an installation with multiple components, or any other output that can be exhibited in the space agreed upon with the hosting Venue (see Hosting Agreement)
  • Be any size, provided it fits in the space secured in a Venue

Eligible Artwork must:

  • Be shown at a registered ArtPrize Venue
  • Be wholly owned by the Artist or team of Artists
  • Not infringe on third party rights
  • Be entered in the ArtPrize competition for the first time
  • Be titled and voted on as a single entry

The eligibility of your Artwork is not confirmed until you’ve completed a Connection with a Venue. If you have not received notification from a Venue by the end of the Connections Period, your work is not eligible for ArtPrize this year. For specific questions about the eligibility of your entry, contact artists@artprize.org.

Permanent Murals or Installations

Artwork intended to become a permanent fixture of the Grand Rapids landscape, such as murals and sculpture, or any installation that might potentially obstruct a walkway or other public space, must first be reviewed and approved by the City of Grand Rapids’ Arts Advisory Board. Once you’ve made a Connection with a Venue that’s agreed to host your Artwork, your Venue will work with our Exhibitions Team to try to obtain the necessary approvals from the City.

Entry Categories

Each Artist Entry must be placed in one of four Categories. These Categories have a direct effect on the Entry's eligibility for prizes. Midway through the event, two sets of finalists will be announced. The Public Vote Final 20 includes the five top-voted Entries from each of the Categories. Similarly, the Juried Award Shortlist Nominees consist of the five nominees from each of the Categories.

The Artist’s selection of a Category is subject to review by ArtPrize staff. ArtPrize maintains the right to make the final determination of the Category of each Entry, to ensure that the definitions of the Categories are being interpreted consistently. If we feel that an Entry could work in more than one Category, we'll defer to the Artist's selection.

Category Definitions

Below are the Categories and their definitions. Examples provided are not exhaustive.

2-D – Entries that exists primarily on a flat plane. Painting, drawing, photography, printmaking, and most textiles are examples of 2D work.


3-D – Entries that occupy space and are intended to be viewed from multiple angles. Sculptures that are not site-specific belong in the 3-D category.


Time-Based – Entries that are durational and change over time. The viewer has to spend some time with the work to fully view it. This includes performance, video and film, dance, music, and interactive work.


Installation – Entries that are dependent on the site in which they are installed. The location is not a neutral ground, but makes up an important ingredient of the work. Installation is different from 3-D in that changing the location of the piece would dramatically change the work.


Every year, ArtPrize distributes a half a million dollars cash prizes, making the event the world’s largest art competition. See previous ArtPrize award winners.

Public Vote

At ArtPrize, hundreds of thousands of spectators take an active role as judge and critic, with an unprecedented top prize decided by public vote. Using mobile devices and the Internet, five Public Vote winners are chosen in two rounds of voting.

  • Public Vote Grand Prize: $200,000
  • 2-D Public Vote Award: $12,500
  • 3-D Public Vote Award: $12,500
  • Time-based Public Vote Award: $12,500
  • Installation Public Vote Award: $12,500

Juried Awards

In contrast to the Public Vote, the Juried Awards are decided by a group of internationally acclaimed art experts. ArtPrize presents five Juried Awards. The Juried Grand Prize is selected by a committee of three, while the four Category awards are each chosen by a single juror with the help of local professionals.

  • Juried Grand Prize: $200,000
  • 2-D Juried Award: $12,500
  • 3-D Juried Award: $12,500
  • Time-based Juried Award: $12,500
  • Installation Juried Award: $12,500

There is also a Juried Award for Outstanding Venue of $12,500, awarded to the curator of a Venue, not an Artist.

Each year’s jurors are announced on the ArtPrize blog.

What Happens If You Win

  • For all winners of the Public Vote and Juried Awards, monetary prizes will be awarded in a lump sum to the individual Artist in whose name the Artwork was submitted or split between registered team members.
  • The Public Vote Grand Prize winner is acknowledged as the winner of its category as well, but receives the greater of the two prize amounts ($200,000, not $212,500).
  • If the Juried Award Grand Prize winner is also selected by the jury as the winner of its category, the Entry is acknowledged for both awards but receives the greater of the two prize amounts ($200,000, not $212,500).
  • It is possible for an Entry to win both a Public Vote and Juried Award — even both Grand Prizes — for a total award of $25,000, $212,500, or even $400,000.
  • Winning Artists are not eligible to enter the following year.

Artist Seed Grants

ArtPrize is proud to offer Artist Seed Grants, presented by the Frey Foundation. 25 artists will receive $2,000 each to help fund ambitious and challenging ArtPrize entries. These grants are intended to give a boost to artists who demonstrate both financial need and artistic merit.

How to Apply

Applications for 2015 Artist Seed Grants are now closed. Applications were accepted through midnight on May 20, 2015. See the 25 winning artists.

Be sure to check back in Spring 2016 for the next round of Artist Seed Grants. The following information outlines the application process, for your reference.

Once registered as an Artist, applicants must then fill out the ArtPrize Artist Seed Grant Application. The application asks three questions, which each require a short answer: 

  1. Demonstration of financial need. Tell us why you need a grant to make this project possible. 
  2. What makes your project exceptional? These grants are very competitive. What makes your project stand out?
  3. Provide a concise draft budget and project timeline. How much do you think it will cost? What will you do to accomplish your objectives on time? 

The application also includes a checklist of items you must complete in your artprize.org Artist Registration before applying for a Seed Grant. Do not apply for a Seed Grant before completing Artist Registration.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind

  • There is no additional application fee beyond the normal Artist Registration fee of $50 for a solo artist and $100 for a collaborative team.
  • The 25 recipients of the Seed Grants will be determined by the ArtPrize Arts Advisory Council, a panel of advisors made up of national and local art world luminaries, critics, curators, and artists. This determination will happen midway through the Artist Registration process. Those that secure a Venue will receive payment shortly after Connections close.
  • Artists must secure a Venue to receive a grant.


To participate in ArtPrize, artists must enter their Artwork within the Registration Period.

Registration requires three simple steps

  1. Sign up for an account or sign in on artprize.org
  2. Enter your Artwork and pay the registration fee ($50 for individual entries; $100 for team entries)
  3. Complete your Entry Profile

Once registration is complete, you’ll be able to edit your Artist Profile, add additional details about your Entry, and begin the process of securing a Venue.

You are not visible to Venues and you cannot see their contact information until you’ve completed registration. Keep in mind that Venues begin planning exhibitions months in advance, so the earlier you register the better chance you’ll have of securing a Venue.

A few things to keep in mind

  • If you’ve entered Artwork as a team, each team member must have a separate account on artprize.org.
  • If you’ve competed in a previous ArtPrize, when you sign in you will see your Artist Profile and previous ArtPrize Entries. You can edit your Artist Profile and add new Artwork, but you cannot edit a previous Entry.
  • The registration fee is non-refundable and does not guarantee you a Venue. However, if you do not complete a Connection with a Venue during the Connections Period, you'll receive a credit towards next year's registration.
  • Artists must place their entry in one of four Categories as they register: 2-D, 3-D, Time-based, or Installation. ArtPrize must approve this Category selection, and may request more information from you.


To officially secure a Venue, Artists use the Connections process. The Connections process is managed through your Account on artprize.org and involves four steps.

  1. Request Connections. During the Connections Period (see Important Dates for Artists), browse Venues on artprize.org and click the “Request to Connect” button on their profiles if you’d like to work with them. (We recommend starting with five Venues.) Venues receive notification of your interest and will look at your online profile to determine if they think your Artwork is a good fit for their exhibit. You can see a list of the Venues you’ve requested to connect with under “Requested” in the “My Connections” area of your Account.
  2. Confirm Interest. When a Venue you’ve requested to connect with confirms interest in showing your Artwork, you’ll receive an e-mail notification and the listing will move from “Requested” to “Pending” in the “My Connections” area of your Account. Similarly, you’ll also receive a notification if a Venue you had not contacted requests to connect with you and be able to confirm or decline your interest.
  3. Discuss Details. When both you and a Venue confirm mutual interest in working together, you’ll be able to discuss the specifics of exhibiting your Artwork (where the Artwork will be installed, when it will arrive, who installs it, etc.). The venue will then send you a Hosting Agreement to sign and return.
  4. Confirm Agreement. To complete the Connection and secure the Venue, both you and the Venue must confirm that you have signed the Hosting Agreement. The Venue confirms first, then you’ll have the option to confirm as well. Look for the confirmation button next to the Venue in the “Pending” list in the "My Connections" area of your Account and click “Yes”.

That’s it! You’re connected! Congratulations—you’re officially confirmed as an ArtPrize Artist and your Artwork is eligible to compete for the prize.

Prefer visuals to lists? We made this step-by-step video to guide you through the Connections process! This video is from 2014, but it works the same way in 2015.

A few things to keep in mind

  • If you complete a Connection with a Venue and then later you and the Venue both agree to terminate this Connection during the Connections Period, please e-mail the artist relations team at artists@artprize.org and explain the situation.
  • If you have not successfully completed a Connection with a Venue by the end of the Connections Period, your work is not eligible for ArtPrize this year.

Hosting Agreement

You’ll receive a Hosting Agreement from your Venue during the Connections process. A Hosting Agreement is a contract between the Artist and Venue that details all aspects of the working relationship. ArtPrize requires that Artists and Venues negotiate and sign a Hosting Agreement prior to securing their Connection on artprize.org to ensure that both parties are on the same page about what to expect during the event.

Each Venue receives a Hosting Agreement template from ArtPrize that they are able to customize to create their own specific Hosting Agreements.

Every Hosting Agreement should include:

  • A description of the Artwork to be exhibited
  • Specific requirements for the Artwork (like lighting)
  • How much space the Artwork will take up in the Venue
  • Specific description of the agreed location within the Venue
  • Any additional open hours for the Venue beyond the required minimum
  • When the Artist can start installation
  • Arrangements for shipping, installation, and removal if the Artist will not be attending the event
  • Who pays for shipping (if necessary)
  • Who pays for promotional materials (if any)
  • Who is responsible for insurance and security during the event
  • How sales are handled
  • Who is responsible for Artwork removal and how and when it will be removed

These are the types of details that could be easily missed or miscommunicated without a Hosting Agreement in place and cause unnecessary strain between an Artist and Venue leading up to or during the ArtPrize event.

Artists and Venues are expected to negotiate the terms until both parties are comfortable with the details. Note that the entire process of negotiating and signing a Hosting Agreement can be completed entirely through e-mail—simply type your name into the signature section at the bottom of the Hosting Agreement and it constitutes a valid signature.

Selling Artwork

When adding information about your Artwork, you’ll notice that you have the option to offer your Artwork for sale. The price you list will not be displayed publicly, and you can enable or disable this feature at any time.

Enabling this feature allows interested buyers to make a sales inquiry by contacting you. The details and completion of the sale are negotiated entirely between you and the buyer—ArtPrize is not involved in the sales process.

How Sales Work

  1. Indicate that your Artwork is for sale on your Artwork Profile and include any details you think a potential buyer might like to know (e.g., “this work is an edition”, “price varies based on framing”, etc.).
  2. You’ll receive an e-mail notification whenever an interested buyer make a sales inquiry by entering a message on your profile.
  3. You may e-mail the buyer back and negotiate a sale on your own.

Additional Info

  • ArtPrize does not broker sales. We do not take payment and we do not charge a commission.
  • Venues may broker sales and take a commission. Make sure sales arrangements are clearly stated in your Hosting Agreement with a Venue before signing it.
  • Be cautious. ArtPrize does not accept responsibility for the actions of potential buyers.
  • When you offer your Artwork for sale, ArtPrize asks for a price. This is for internal use only and will not be displayed on your profile or printed on your label. It's up to you and your Venue to decide how to communicate prices to potential buyers.
  • All sales during the event are considered pending until the end of the event. Artwork may not be removed from the Venue during ArtPrize.


ArtPrize does not require Artists to obtain insurance for their Artwork, but it is strongly encouraged. Liability insurance can be very affordable and can protect the Artist in the event of an accident during the installation or display of the Artwork.

We also encourage Venues to cover Artwork as part of their insurance, in which case the Artist must produce adequate evidence to validate the insurable value of the Artwork for the Venue’s insurance company. Ultimately, it is between the Artist and Venue to determine how insurance is covered (see Hosting Agreement), so ask your Venue if they can or do provide insurance.

Free Associate Membership to Fractured Atlas

In an effort to provide access to affordable insurance options to artists, ArtPrize is extending free Associate Memberships to Fractured Atlas to all ArtPrize Artists. Fractured Atlas is a non-profit organization that serves a national community of artists and arts organizations. Fractured Atlas’ programs and services facilitate the creation of art by offering vital support to the artists who produce it. These services include access to clear and simple insurance quotes on all types of artistic activity.

Sign up for a free Associate Membership to Fractured Atlas now by visiting fracturedatlas.org/artprize.

Purchase Insurance through Fractured Atlas

As an Associate Member of Fractured Atlas you have access to a limited but vast selection of services, including high-quality, low-cost liability, property, and casualty coverage for all types of artists and their work.

A few things to keep in mind

  • General Liability coverage covers damage to Venues and uninvolved bystanders, but does not cover damage to your Artwork. Artwork coverage needs to be purchased separately.
  • Artwork coverage is annual, carries a minimum premium of $580, and has a $500 deductible. Most people who choose to purchase Artwork coverage either have an expensive piece being shown at the event, or decided to cover all their entire body of work that they have on display, in their studio, and in storage. If you are only looking to cover one piece of art valued at under $1,200, purchasing this Artwork coverage isn't advisable.
  • Short-term General Liability coverage (also known as an Event policy) is short-term, but the cost is usually determined by the number of spectators that your piece will have during that period. Artwork that is in high-traffic areas can make for expensive short-term policies. In instances like this, it tends to be less expensive to purchase an annual Artwork coverage policy, because the premium is calculated differently. Also, an annual policy will cover you anywhere in the USA (including your studio), not just on the premises of the ArtPrize event.

For questions regarding Fractured Atlas Associate Membership, available policies, and related services, please contact support@fracturedatlas.org.


Voting Labels & Artist Statements

ArtPrize prints one official Voting Label for each Artwork entered in ArtPrize. Labels contain the title, medium, and voting number, as well as the Artist name, city, and country. All labels contain voting instructions. For the Artists who recorded a message for the ArtPrize Audio Guide, call-in instructions are also included.

Voting Labels are distributed to Venues. Either the Venue or Artist must place them next to the Artwork before voting begins. This responsibility should be decided with the Venue in advance.

Some Artists find the need to print additional labels. In this case, please use the official PDF templates provided below.

Please note that ArtPrize does not print artist statements. However, an artist statement template is included with the Voting Label templates, so you may print your own.



Link Sessions

Link Sessions is a series of one-on-one meetings for selected ArtPrize Artists to make connections with contemporary fine art and design professionals in our region.

Link Sessions provide real connections, professional advice, and new opportunities to ArtPrize Artists through these one-on-one sessions, during which more than 40 contemporary art and design professionals will volunteer their time to consult and advise participating ArtPrize artists. Link Sessions are intended to catalyze professional advancement opportunities; Artists can use their session for portfolio review, conceptual presentation and feedback, or informational interviews.

Artists apply to meet with the art and design professional of their choice by indicating their area of interest and writing a brief proposal describing how they intend to use the 20-minute session.

How To Participate

ArtPrize will send all registered ArtPrize Artists an application via e-mail. Submitted applications will be reviewed by the Exhibitions Team, and selected applicants will fill the sessions on a first come, first served basis.

Get more details about ArtPrize Seven Link Sessions.

Artist Events

Many Artists enjoy the opportunity to plan small receptions, Q&A sessions, or other events during ArtPrize, so we’ve made it easy for you to your own events to the events calendar on artprize.org. Add your event.

Temporary Housing

Volunteer Housing

Coming to Grand Rapids to participate in ArtPrize can be expensive. Luckily, there are wonderful volunteers who are ready to help reduce the cost of your stay. Each year, ArtPrize helps connect out-of-town artists with volunteers offering free temporary housing. If you’re an ArtPrize Artist coming from outside of West Michigan, you’re eligible. To find housing, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Review the Tips for Connecting with a Volunteer Host (see below)
  2. Fill out the Artist Housing Request Form for our review. Please note that the deadline to sign up is Thursday, Sept. 3!
  3. Once approved, ArtPrize will provide you with a spreadsheet of volunteer host families for you to consider.
  4. Reach out via e-mail or phone to connect with a Host Home that you think could be a good fit with your timing and needs. When you have secured your agreement (i.e., they like you, you like them), please let us know by sending an e-mail to exhibitions@artprize.org. In this e-mail please let us know if they will be providing housing for the duration of your stay and you would like your name removed from the list of Artists seeking housing, or if you are still looking for additional housing for a portion of your visit.

Tips for Connecting with a Volunteer Host

It is important to think through some of your expectations before signing up to live with a volunteer host. Use the questions below as a guide to help you explain your needs and preferences:

  • Will you be traveling alone or with others? How many of you need housing?

  • ​When will you need to arrive and how long will you need to stay?

  • Will you need accommodations before or after the event in order to install or remove your artwork?

  • What amenities and sleeping arrangements do you prefer and how much privacy do you expect? Are you comfortable sleeping on a futon in someone’s basement?

  • Are you open to staying in a home with children?

  • Are you open to staying in a home with pets?

  • Do you smoke? Are you open to staying with a smoker?

  • How much time do you anticipate spending with your hosts? Would you like to share meals together? Do you anticipate needing to use their kitchen to prepare your own meals?

  • Are you comfortable sharing a bathroom, kitchen, or other common spaces?

  • Do you need access to a computer? Are you expecting access to WiFi?

  • Would you like to use your host’s laundry room during your stay?

  • Are you hoping your hosts will give you a key to their home? Will you need to be up early, out late, or home while your hosts are out?

  • Are you able to rely on public transit (buses and taxis) if you and your host are unable to provide transportation? Or, if you are bringing your own car, will you need parking?

Once you’re in conversation with a potential host, it’s best to address any concerns you have right away. If a home doesn’t feel like a good fit, just say so—they won’t be offended, and you’ll both be happier in the end. Please remember that ArtPrize does not make any arrangements between Artists and Volunteer Hosts, so be sure to reach out and finalize your arrangements early.

This program is managed by the exhibitions team this year. Reach out with any questions to Leah at exhibitions@artprize.org.


Traveling to Grand Rapids for ArtPrize and need an affordable place to stay? Try Airbnb.com. Airbnb is a community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique accommodations for a nightly fee. Often, people rent out guest rooms in their homes. You can easily browse and reserve accommodations online or from a mobile phone. To view current listings in Grand Rapids, MI, visit Airbnb.com.


The ArtPrize HUB

Located at 41 Sheldon Blvd SE, the ArtPrize HUB is the bustling headquarters of ArtPrize, and a perfect place to begin exploring all that ArtPrize has to offer. The HUB also provides a private lounge, concierge service, and other resources for competing Artists.

Open Hours*

Monday thru Saturday: 11 a.m. – 8 p.m.
Sunday: 11 a.m. – 6 p.m.

*The ArtPrize HUB is only open to the public during the ArtPrize event.

The ArtPrize Clubhouse

A perfect place to begin, end, or break during your days at ArtPrize, the ArtPrize Clubhouse offers ArtClub members and credentialed ArtPrize Artists, Venues, sponsors, and media the opportunity to relax and enjoy a complimentary coffee bar, brunchy light bites, and an evening happy hour.

Local Businesses

ArtPrize is pleased to work with local businesses who provide services that many artists find useful in producing, shipping, and installing their work. Many of these businesses give discounts to ArtPrize artists. Check back, as we will continue to update this list.

Official Suppliers

Pak Mail Art Shipping, the official shipper of ArtPrize 2015

As the Official Shipper of ArtPrize, Pak Mail is offering a 10% discount on packing, shipping, logistics and install services to artists! pakmailartshipping.com

Art Supplies

Repcolite Paints

Repcolite Paints is a West Michigan-based paint manufacturer and retailer that's interested in providing discounted paint to ArtPrize Artists, especially for Artists producing murals. See website for locations and additional contact info.

Contact: Dan Hansen

T-Square Art Supply Inc.

T-Square is a local small business serving the West Michigan area since 1974 as a source for a variety of creative products. ArtPrize artists will receive discounts from 10% up to 40% off MSRP on a wide range of popular art supplies.

5140 Plainfield Ave NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49525

Artwork Photography

elz studios

We specialize in photographing your artwork for printing, publishing, and social media. Our crew—led by Barry Elz (over 40 years experience)—offers three ways to complete the experience: our studio in Holland MI, your studio (anywhere), or during the ArtPrize event. We carefully light and create a high-resolution, perspective- and color-correct interpretation of your art (regardless of size or format), for distribution at ArtPrize or use during the exhibition or for your purposes after. 20% off when art is brought to our studio.

Contact Tiffany or Barry for further details and estimates. 

17 W 10th St.
Holland MI, 49423

Fabrication and Construction

Metro Engineering

Metro is a full-service prototype and fabrication shop, including CAD capabilities, CNC machining, casting, painting, and project fabrication consulting. With 11 skilled craftspeople, we have a solid working knowledge of most materials used in the fabrication world.

845 Ottawa NW
Grand Rapids MI 49503
Contact: James Cook

Padnos Iron & Metal

Padnos Iron & Metal is a full service recycling company that recycles all metal, plastics, paper, e-scrap and more. Incoming scrap material is full of inimitable textures, colors, compositions, and contours. Types of metal include, copper, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, nickel based alloys, galvanized steel, cast iron, gears, electric motors and much more. All ArtPrize artists will receive employee pricing for their material.

2125 Turner Avenue NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49544
Contact person: Dave Hendrix

West Shore Services 

West Shore Services provides custom crane and rigging services in Grand Rapids and the surrounding West Michigan area. Our work experience includes museum services, statues and sculptures and historic preservation type projects. We are capable of receiving shipments, storing, re-delivering and assembly for ArtPrize, as well as assisting with disassembly, repacking and storage for exhibits as necessary.

6620 Lake Michigan Drive
Allendale, MI  49401
Contacts: Jeff DuPilka, Brian McDowell, Eric Poelman


Four Corners Framing Company

Mention this listing to receive 25% off any work needed to prepare your art for display in ArtPrize!

232 N. River Ave.
Holland, MI 49424
Contact: Michelle Calkins or Kate Black

Frames Unlimited

Frames Unlimited is a fourth generation local family business offering professional picture framing products and services. Products include custom and ready-made frames, mats, mounting boards, stretcher bars, and several glazing options including U-V filtered. Services include conservation framing and creative design assistance by knowledgeable associates delivering unsurpassed personal service. 20% off to ArtPrize artists. Two locations to serve you:

2964 28th St. SE
Kentwood, MI 49512
Contact: Kathy Ford

4045 Plainfield Ave NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49525
Contact person: Anne Bridges

Lighting and Theatrical Supplies

John S. Hyatt & Associates

John S. Hyatt & Associates is a full-service theatrical supplier. We have a full stock of lamps, gel, tape, fabric, paint, and other supplies for lighting and scenic work. We also offer lighting and rigging services as well as rental equipment. We're located just across the river from downtown GR. Feel free to call, e-mail, or just stop in! There are no strange requests, just creative solutions!

420 Alabama Ave NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49504
Contacts: Johanna and Jessi



Celebrating 35 years in business, Allegra Marketing Print Mail is a full service marketing communications provider. We offer marketing, print, and design services, including web, signs, displays, and direct mail. Allegra is a local, family-owned source for strategic marketing with measureable results, located just 15 minutes from downtown Grand Rapids.


Corporate Color Graphics

Servicing West Michigan for over 30 years, Corporate Color Graphics is a locally owned creative source for multiple output and fabrication options. Featuring large-format photographic (Lambda) imaging as well as art canvas output, fine art paper output, backlit display duratrans, banners, custom wall paper, permanent and removable printed vinyl, direct-to-substrate imaging on glass, acrylic, metal, and wood, Corporate Color Graphics features a complete arsenal of display fabrication, prototyping, CNC cutting, laser cutting, finishing, and installation options. We also produce support materials such as flyers, postcards, business cards, signs, and banners. Participating ArtPrize Artists receive a 10% discount on displays printed by Corporate Color Graphics.

3525 Lousma Dr SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49548

Crop Marks Printing

Crop Marks is a full service, environmentally-friendly print and sign shop offering everything from postcards and business cards to vinyl banners and more. We have high speed digital printing and can quickly turn your projects. We offer free downtown delivery, and can often bring your printed items to your Artprize location. Other services include posters, stickers, canvas prints, vehicle magnets and more! All registered Artprize artists receive a 20% discount.

128 Coldbrook St NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Perrigo Printing

Perrigo Printing is located in the heart of downtown Grand Rapids, allowing us to offer same-day delivery right to your Venue. We can turn around most printing requests within hours. Our printing services include banners, vote cards, business cards, and postcards. We can print from PDF files or help you with design and set-up of your artwork. We're offering a 10% discount to all ArtPrize Artists!

125 Ottawa Ave. N.W.
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
616.454.6761 (phone)
616.454.4448 (fax)

Print Place for Artists

Print Place for Artists provides Giclée printing services for photographers, digital artists, and fine artists who need high-quality reproductions on canvas or fine art papers. We also provide scanning services for fine art reproductions of watercolors, oil, and mixed media. Our printing services are primarily for large-format work, up to 44" wide, depending on the available media. We achieve high quality with color management and acid-free fine art papers and canvas. Participating ArtPrize Artists are offered a 20% discount.

Contact: Stan

Screaming Gnat Studios

Flyers, business cards, postcards, posters, and all types of promotional items. Located downtown and open 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. Monday – Friday.


Sir Speedy 

Sir Speedy is a full service printing, signage and marketing services national franchise. We have been in the Kentwood area for over 20 years and have worked with artists. We produce stickers, labels, signage, graphic design and traditional print. For anyone who indicates they are an Artprize artist, we will offer 15% off any order and 20% off any order placed by August 31.

Contact: Pactick Cox, Vice President

Shipping Services

Pak Mail Art Shipping

Pak Mail Art Shipping, the official shipper of ArtPrize 2015
As the Official Shipper of ArtPrize, Pak Mail is offering a 10% discount on packing, shipping, logistics and install services to artists!

6757 Cascade Rd.
Grand Rapids MI 49546

Vinyl and Signs

Britten, Inc.

Headquartered in Traverse City, Britten is the leading provider of creative production services, event signage, and large-format digital printing. Whether you are an Artist, Venue, or sponsorship organization, Britten is your source for printing custom, creative displays. Products include large-format printed wallscapes, tents, light pole banners, wayfinding signage, window decals, event booths and displays, and any other specialty printing project. Call us today to get started developing your custom ArtPrize event display! We offer a 10% discount to all ArtPrize Artists.

2322 Cass Road
Traverse City, MI 49684
Contact: Matt Zerilli

River City Graphics

River City Graphics has been a major manufacturer of custom-made quality screen-printed promotional items and vinyl signage for over 25 years in the Grand Rapids area. Our employees are highly skilled and trained professionals that can handle your job from concept to finished product. River City Graphics provides screen-printing and vinyl signage on wood, plastic, paper, metal, glass, and vinyl. ArtPrize Artists and Venues can mention this listing for a 10% discount!


Artist Icon and Brand Guidelines

When promoting your Artist Entry, you are not permitted to use the ArtPrize logo—ArtPrize reserves that logo exclusively for events, materials, and locations produced by ArtPrize. Instead, we provide an Artist Icon that Artists can use on promotional materials.

Two rules govern usage of the Artist Icon:

You may not alter the Artist Icon. The Icon must appear as it is, without any changes to its color, shape, etc.
You may not use the Artist Icon for commercial purposes. Anything you create using the Icon cannot be sold. (For example, you can make promotional t-shirts that use the Artist Icon, but you cannot sell them.)

The following icons are to be used only by official Artists of ArtPrize Seven.  Use of the following icons acknowledges delivery and understanding of the ArtPrize and ArtPrize Seven Trademark and Styleguides and represents your acceptacnce of the terms and conditions contained within. 

Please Read the ArtPrize and ArtPrize Seven Trademark and Styleguide

Download: ArtPrize Seven Brand Guidelines.pdf (614KB)

DOWNLOAD ALL ARTIST ASSETS: _Artist Icon Files.zip (1.8MB)

Official Rules

The following is a summary of the Official Rules for Artists:

  • Each Artist must be at least 18 years old at the time they register.
  • Artists must pay a $50 non-refundable fee to enter their Artwork. Team entries pay a non-refundable flat fee of $100.
  • For any team entry, every individual that makes a significant creative contribution to the Artwork must be registered as an Artist and officially attached to that Artwork and to no other Artwork. Volunteers or contractors that did not make a significant creative contribution to the Artwork do not need to be registered.
  • Artwork must be shown at an ArtPrize Venue.
  • Secondary elements of an Artwork (or instances of a performance) may appear elsewhere, but the primary element and/or documentation of an Artwork must be at its Venue.
  • Artists must sign a Hosting Agreement with their Venue.
  • Artwork may be a single piece, a collection of pieces, or an installation with multiple elements. In any case, an Artwork is titled and voted on as a single unit.
  • Each entry must be classified as only one of four Categories: 2-D, 3-D, Time-based, or Installation. Artists must identify their entry’s Category during the registration process. Category identification is subject to ArtPrize review; ArtPrize makes final decisions about the Category of each entry.
  • If an Artwork is Time-based or performance-oriented, the Artwork must at least be performed within the first round of voting with an artifact or other representation (props, a video, etc.) left behind for presentation during the remainder of the competition.
  • Only original Artwork is eligible for submission. The Artist is responsible to ensure that the Artwork does not infringe on any third party’s proprietary rights.
  • The Artwork must be currently owned by the Artist or by the team of Artists.
  • The Artist is responsible for transportation of the Artwork to, and removal of the Artwork from, the applicable Venue, unless otherwise provided in the applicable Hosting Agreement or other arrangements with the Venue.
  • Artwork from prior ArtPrize competitions, or Artwork that is identical to entries from prior ArtPrize competitions, may not be entered in ArtPrize.
  • Artists that win any of the Public Vote prizes and/or Juried Awards are ineligible to enter ArtPrize the following year (e.g., the winners of ArtPrize 2014, including all members of team entries, may not enter ArtPrize 2015, winners in 2015 may not enter ArtPrize 2016, and so on).