Photo of Erin Greganti

Erin Greganti

Buda, TX, United States

My name is Erin Greganti, I was born in Houston TX, grew-up in Southern California, and raised by New Yorkers. I attended college in Nashville TN, and currently live in Austin TX. I have been in love with art from the very beginning. I still have drawings I created when I was about 5yrs old, I can remember working hard on them and being so proud of what I had accomplished. In school, art was the only class I truly felt right at home: and my teachers felt like family. I enjoy all aspects of creating, drawing, drafting, sculpting, multi-media collage, and of course painting. Most of my inspiration comes from my emotional journey to find peace and happiness, therefor my styles, techniques and color pallets change drastically. My subject matter is mostly inspired by my childhood memories, experiences traveling, and my ever-changing environment. What makes my soul happy is creating a visual experience that takes the viewer on a journey or brings them some tranquility even if it is for only a moment.

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