Photo of Deborah Mattson

Deborah Mattson

Plainwell, MI, United States

I am a product designer and printmaker. My BFA (Kendall College of Art and Design) is in Furniture Design, and I have designed home furnishings for companies including Lexington Furniture and Keeler Brass. I am currently a product designer with Belwith Products, in Grandville, Michigan. I have been printmaking for fifteen years. I work primarily with etching, and also lithography and woodcuts. I usually do series of etchings and bind them together as artist's books. Most of my art consists of realistic images of the places I live and work. I try to express the beauty and integrity of the people and places around me.

Deborah's ArtPrize Entries

These are Deborah's official ArtPrize entries from this year and past years.

  • Photo of Brassworks


    2012 ArtPrize Entry Deborah Mattson
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  • Photo of Miller Road-49080

    Miller Road-49080

    2011 ArtPrize Entry Deborah Mattson
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