Notations in the Grass

2012 ArtPrize Entry

Notations can be written and interpreted in a variety of ways. As an artist, I have created my own means of notation by working with the natural material provided in the exhibition space. The text that appears in the grass is temporal and will only be seen during the duration of the show. The blunt cut of grass within the words will slowly blend with the surrounding grass and eventually return to its regular well maintained state. The words I have written describe this progression of time. Witness and experience my notations in the grass.

Entry Details
  • Art form: 3-D
  • Depth: around 7"
  • Medium: Grass
  • Width: 151'
  • Year created: 2012
  • Height: 31'

Venue & Connection Information

ACTIONS : MUTATIONS : REVISIONS : FORMATIONS Inspired by the theatrics of ArtPrize, the Adoration curatorial team produced a site-specific exhibition, showcasing an array of multi-media artworks and performances. Using Calder Plaza and the Grand Rapids Police Department as a backdrop, an international ensemble of thirty artists has been brought together to stage the public exhibition Actions : Mutations : Revisions : Formations. For more details see the exhibition guide book (available in printed format during ArtPrize). Or visit

Venue Considerations
  • Special Lighting needed: No
  • Internet needed: No
  • Indoor Space needed: No
  • Outdoor Space needed: Yes
  • Audio/Video needed: No
  • Electrical needed: No

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