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Craig Mitchell Smith

Okemos, MI, United States

As a self-taught artist, my curiosity and creativity have taken me in many directions over the years. I am a painter. I have done interior and garden design throughout the U.S., set design for local theaters, and floral design. I have designed weddings throughout the US and in England. In late 2005, I found glass. I started with making glass jewelry. Soon, however, I felt limited by the size and dimension. I moved quickly to glass sculpture because I liked the freedom of expression and scale. In my kiln I draw with hundreds of pieces of hand cut glass, and fire them into fused forms. Then, I re-fire these forms over broken shards of pottery or custom built stainless steel forms. For those based on precise designs, I control the dimensions very closely. For the organic shapes, I take the free-form pieces of glass in my hands and feel how they want to be together. Then I cut and drill the glass pieces and bolt them into permanence.

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    Making a Wish

    2012 ArtPrize Entry Craig Mitchell Smith
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