Cottage Bar

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The Cottage Bar is the oldest Pub in Downtown Grand Rapids, home to many regulars, those involved in the theatre, area church choirs and a group of writers and artists. It's charming pub like atmosphere is like a comfy old slipper that many come "home" to. Cottage Bar has won the peoples choice "Best Burger" in both "Grand Rapids" and "On the Town" Magazines for over 10 years. In 2010, during ArtPrize the Cottage Burger was named "Best Burger in Michigan" by USA TODAY. The walls share the memorabilia aquired over the years and the rich history.

Visitor Amenities
  • Free public bathrooms: No
  • Free public parking: Yes
  • Handicap accessible: Yes

Artist & Connection Information

There is room for one statue outside in the fenced Outdoor Cafe, where it will be lit 24/7. The statue can be 10' high and 3' diameter. There is also room to cover the SW and S outside walls with a mural to cover the existing mural.