**Extended Deadline**

The deadline to apply to be a curator of a city park venue has been extended. The new deadline is Friday, April 6, 11:00 AM EDT. If you have questions about the application process, contact kevin@artprize.org.

We're pleased to announce a partnership with the city of Grand Rapids and the Grand Rapids Downtown Development Authority to find curators for several city park venues. Just like our open call for artists, curators responding to this opportunity can be from anywhere in the world. Curators can be individuals, teams, or organizations. There are some funds available to help cover curators' costs and the costs of the artist projects they select.

The city is also seeking a City Venue Site Installation Coordinator. This individual needs to be based in West Michigan, and will assist the curators of city park venues by coordinating installations, completing contracts with artists, and other logistical needs.

As a way of kicking off this new initiative, we're also announcing the juror for the Outstanding Venue Award: Tom Eccles, the executive director of the Center for Curatorial Studies at Bard College. Tom will visit ArtPrize and select one venue to receive a $20,000 award for remarkable curation. Curators paired with city park venues, along with all other non-exhibition center venues, will be eligible for this award.

In order to apply to be a curator for a city park or the site coordinator, you must follow the instructions provided in this document issued by the city of Grand Rapids. Here's an overview of how the process works:

Proposals are due by 11:00 AM, March 30 April 6, 2012. Curators will be selected before the end of venue registration, April 12.

General Eligibility Requirements

   * Prospective respondents must be at least 21 years old
   * Respondents to this RFP may not enter ArtPrize 2012 as an artist
   * Curators may be an individual, group, or organization

Proposals must include qualifications and experience, a proposed budget, and references. Curators may have specific artist projects in mind when applying, but this is not required.

City Venues available for curation include four primary spaces: Ah-Nab-Awen Park, The Blue Bridge, Louis Campau Promenade and VandenBerg (Calder) Plaza. Other secondary spaces are also available for review in the city’s RFP.

The selected respondent(s) may receive an amount not to exceed $1,500 depending on the scope of the proposal and level of prior curatorial expertise. An additional amount not to exceed $3,500 will be available to cover limited artist costs, depending on need.

Proposals must be submitted through the city's online bidding system (not e-mailed to ArtPrize).

Selection of proposals will be determined by the proposal(s) which offers the best performance with consideration of qualifications, experience, cost proposal, references, and the general quality of proposal (completeness and thoroughness).

Please be sure to read the entire request for proposals document to ensure the proposal is submitted correctly. Questions should be directed to Jose Reyna at jreyna@grcity.us.

By Kevin Buist on