At approximately 8:30AM, the website for the ArtPrize organization began experiencing higher-than-expected hits to its website.

The website traffic reached a critical moment at 8:37AM, which resulted in a crash of the online database.

The ArtPrize staff has been working diligently throughout the day to bring the website back online and add capacity, but traffic continued and our servers have been unable to keep pace.

This has resulted in closure of basic functions such as artist and venue search, as well as essential functions including voting, registration and activation.

Essentially, ArtPrize 2011 is more popular than we ever expected.

We will reopen the website with full functionality at 8:00 p.m. eastern daylight time to ensure that our database is online and healthy.

Until then, registration and activation can be completed at the HUB or one of our eight Exhibition Centers.

With regards to voting, we have heard your requests, and we will keep voting for all artists open until 4:00PM on Thursday, Sept. 29.

This will not change the timeline for the Top 10 Announcement or the start of Round 2 voting.

The Top 10 Announcement will take place at 6:00PM on Thursday, Sept. 29, Round 2 voting will take place immediately after.

By Brian Burch on