Last year we had an idea. With all the awesome, passionate groups in the Grand Rapids area, we wanted to open up an opportunity for them to volunteer together. We put together a group volunteering program, hoping to simply try it out and see what happened. We were nothing short of astounded by the results. 

Today we opened group volunteering registration for all businesses and organizations who want to use ArtPrize as a time for coworkers and colleagues to volunteer together. No matter who you are - a corporate group, sponsor, community service organization, non-profit, special needs group or group of friends - you all are invited and welcome.

Several local corporations, including Steelcase, Comerica Bank and ITC to name a few, have supported ArtPrize through group volunteering, believing this program gives a fun and beneficial way for their employees to grow together, while giving back to the community.

Jeff Schutte, director of Turnstone Market Development at Steelcase shared about his experience with group volunteering last year: “ArtPrize and Steelcase gave my coworkers and I an opportunity to rally together around our love of creativity and our passion for Grand Rapids. Together, we spent time outside, talked to new people about challenging art, and shared information about Grand Rapids. It was a wonderful experience.”

As ArtPrize guides and ambassadors of downtown Grand Rapids, our group volunteers are vital for creating connections and spurring conversations among the crowds of ArtPrize participants. In the end, we believe it is these conversations that ultimately open us up to new ideas and bring us closer together as a community.

If you’d like to sign up or learn more about group volunteering, visit

By Amelea Pegman on