Take the Art Meets Heart Steps Challenge at ArtPrize Nine and enter to win fantastic prizes!

ArtPrize is excited to bring the Art Meets Heart Steps Challenge, presented by Wolverine Worldwide in collaboration with the American Heart Association, back to ArtPrize Nine. As part of the ArtPrize Health and Wellness programming, the Art Meets Heart Steps Challenge encourages you to walk around Grand Rapids and explore the event and our city. Track your steps on your personal device -- when you reach 10,000 steps on any given day during the event, enter a weekly raffle for the chance to win exciting prizes, including gift certificates to purchase a new pair of kicks, portable phone chargers, water bottles and more!

Health fact: Did you know after each hour of regular activity you get, you gain back about two hours of additional life expectancy?

Where to Start:

Start the Challenge on any of six Pantone Pathways that ArtPrize has to offer. The Pantone Pathways presented by X-Rite Pantone are planned walking routes that highlight the character of their respective neighborhoods while helping you navigate through downtown Grand Rapids. Each Pathway is 2.4 miles or less, and will take you past nearly 90% of ArtPrize Nine venues.

Find the Pathway routes in the ArtPrize Event Guide, which is available at any of the ArtPrize HUBs located around the city.

Another fantastic option for exploring the event in a new way is to download one of our new ArtPrize Nine Experience Guides. We’ve developed give guides to help you navigate the event with your family, on beautiful sunny days and when it’s raining, and more. Visit artprize.org/experiences or stop by any ArtPrize HUB to grab your guide.

Health fact: Did you know that after a two-hour brisk walk, your body continues to burn calories for 12 hours?

How to Enter:

Walk around and enjoy ArtPrize. Make sure you track your steps with a pedometer on your personal device while exploring art. Once you’ve reached 10,000 steps, you can enter the raffle in two ways:

  • OPTION 1: Take a screenshot of your pedometer (see instructions below) on your personal device and send it in an email to steps@artprize.org with your name and phone number.
  • OPTION 2: Post your pedometer screenshot (see instructions below) on social media using the hashtag #ActiveMI, and you’ll be automatically entered into the raffle.

Each week of ArtPrize there will be a drawing, with two drawings the final week. The more days you enter, the better your chances for winning great prizes!


Thanks to Wolverine Worldwide and the American Heart Association, we are offering exciting prizes!

  • Wolverine Worldwide gift certificates to buy yourself some fantastic kicks
  • ArtPrize gear, including t-shirts and other merchandise
  • Portable phone chargers
  • Water bottles
  • Cookbooks by the American Heart Association

Each week of ArtPrize there will be a drawing, with two drawings the final week. The more days you enter, the better your chances for winning great prizes!

How to take a Screenshot of your Pedometer:

iPhone users can find their pedometer in their “Health” app. Tap on Fitness, and then tap on Walking and Running Distance. From there you can track your steps and even have your steps show up on your dashboard.

Android users can download an app if they do not already have a pedometer on their phone, and there are many free apps that are easy to use. Two good options are “Pedometer” by Tayutau or “Pedometer & Weight Loss Coach” by Pacer Health.

Curious about how many steps it takes to get around? Here are a few examples:

  • 1,138 steps from the Grand Rapids Art Museum to the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum
  • 1,265 steps from the ArtPrize HUB/HQ to Founders Brewing Co.
  • 896 steps from the UICA to the Blue Bridge
  • 1,199 steps from the Devos Performance Hall to New Holland Brewery (The Knickerbocker)

Walk two of our Pantone Pathways to reach 10,000 steps:

  • City Center Pathway: approximately 4,646 steps
  • Heartside Pathway: approximately 4,435 steps
  • Hillside Pathway: approximately 3,802 steps
  • Monroe North Pathway and Westside Pathway: approximately 5,069 steps

About ArtPrize Health & Wellness:

Health & Wellness is an important aspect of ArtPrize, and we love to encourage everyone attending the event to consider the benefits of staying healthy and keeping active. It not only helps our community but encourages us all to think more about social challenges and what we can do to inspire change. Learn more.

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